Mystical Journey

The search of my own authentic self leaded me to my roots in Mardin, which planted the seeds of this collection in the form of idea. When I first visited there, the mystical air around the city, incredible stonework, and hammers hitting the copper to create beautiful patterns had fascinated me tremendously. Each time those hammers hit the copper the echo of the sound continues to create some kind of mystical rhythm which then I would find that sound therapeutic and hypnotic as I wanted to stay there just a little while and dive into thoughts of the motivations behind this form creation process in Mardin.

I always thought motivation is the most essential thing while creating. Creating life, creating art, creating love towards each other and to make a world simply a better place depends on where our motivation comes from. What is our intention? What makes us a better human beings? How can I best serve the world with my talents? When I was walking on the streets of ancient Mardin these questions were on my mind then I noticed that I am here, breathing the same air as my elders did, it changed me forever. I was more conscious that I should create something from my roots with my talents which is jewelry craftsmanship which then turned into this collection.
We can still see what has remained from the thousands of years of jewellery craftsmanship in Mardin. What most affected me while I am in the creation process were architectural forms -open spaces and closed spaces- the integrity of stonework patterns between these spaces. Then I see the resemblance of the same craftsmanship on copper products and silver jewelry making. These craftsmen while creating their products and producing their art they just try to beautify the forms in their hands thus creating a rhythm unintentionally which I would recall valse sentimentale ‘the dance between feelings and mind’. I realized the authenticity is how long we can stay in this dance. For you to stay in this dance longer, I present this collection to your admiration.

Lots of love,
Lidya Dilmener