Linguine Gold Gold Bracelet Hard | LD019E


14K Gold
Weight: 5,13 g
Product Code: LD19

In order for your Lidya Dilmener design to be long-lasting and to preserve its structure and appearance, we recommend that you follow the instructions below:

• In order not to expose Lidya Dilmener designs to harsh chemicals, we recommend that you do not wear them in the pool or sea. Try to keep your product as dry as possible.

• Avoid contact with such materials as substances such as creams, make-up materials and perfumes may cause the jewelery to lose its shine.

• Avoid leaving the designs under the sun.

• Make sure that chains and necklaces are attached when storing your jewelry to prevent tangles.

• Remove your lidya dilmener designs during physical activities.
We offer you an indefinite repair service for all purchased Lidya Dilmener designs. Our after-sales services include professional jewelry sizing, cleaning, polishing and repair. You can visit all Lidya Dilmener stores to benefit from the maintenance service. After receiving your product that requires maintenance, it is sent to our workshop. Your jewelry is evaluated in our workshop and the repair fee is notified to you. If you accept the fee, the repair process is started. Repairs are evaluated on an individual basis and can take an average of 2 weeks to complete.
After the repair is completed and the quality controls are done, your products are returned to the Lidya Dilmener store you delivered them to. Our sales staff will contact you to let you know that your repaired product is ready.

Cases Not Covered by Warranty / Exceptions From Our Warranty:

1)If a jewelry designed by Lidya Dilmener is modified by a different jewelry, your warranty will be void.

2)In case of any loss, deformation or damage to the product caused by user error, the warranty will be void.

3)Diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc. Loss of solitaires is not covered by Lidya Dilmener's warranty.

If you have any questions about the procedure, you can contact our customer service at or call +90 538 314 89 60.

Linguine Gold Gold Bracelet Hard | LD019E

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Writable Bracelet. Oldies But Goldies are the most preferred classic products of our design collection. We provide you with 14-karat gold jewelry services.

Material & Care

Gold, which is the main material of our designs, is soft and metal. In general, it is not damaged by contact with difficult sports and chorine mine in pools, and long lives are used. You can use your soft material trained curing cloth in a packaging and a packaging trained packaging and service. With perfum as a gold mine, it does not change color in the team and uses the scent in the best way possible. Gold is recommended as a metal, especially for in-ear themes. Or surgical steel, but it is unlikely that the non-surgical steel should be kept and evaluated.