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Motive is a phsychological fact that awakes and pulls people to action

Thought out the human history one of the most important issues is about motive. According to Popov, motive and motor words are include same stem (base). In another side, Mark Anshel said that Motive means helps to people to do something. In my point of view, I believe both ideas because motive comes from “movere” in Latin words means to move and nowadays motive is the base on motivation. Therefore, this motive words goes to me to origami and stoneworks.

To begin with, the first instance, which is origami Ori means folding and gami, means paper. After the technological revolution 3d, printer and laser cut techniques have increased the importance of origami. Nowadays origami used in architectural sketch and plan. Consequently, this kind of revolution important to make life easier and origami also increase your consciousness.

The secondly is stonework’s in the other way of the art of stone so what this art needs to. Stone, knob, and, chisel use with that tool in creativity. In a producing period of this art is make an instrumental sound in the acoustic place. We can easily be seen that in all these two different technics contain repetition of the motor skills so it goes to me Pina Bausch psychology, To sum up, stonework’s contained a high level of motivation.

In conclusion, origami or stonework needs motivation and both it contains repetition of action. “I am not interested in how people move, but what moves them” Pina Bausch I firmly believe that motto of Pina Bausch.
In, my case origami and stonework it needs to be gently motion. In that case more repetitive action, it creates incredible emotion to connected with art.

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