Lidya Dilmener

It's not about diamonds,
it's about aesthetics."

- Joan Sonnabend
Lidya Dilmener was born in Istanbul. Surrounded very early by her father and her uncle’s passion for jewelry creation and strong character for value creation in their jewelry atelier founded in 1976. She developed an unconditional love for creating new forms and concepts through the art disciplines. Places she had been in her personal life, architectures, arts, movies, music, and stories of others, understanding the nature and cultures inspired her. She was always interested in what moves people and why do they create the things they did. She is always in search of deeper meaning on life’s matters and how to reflect it through art of jewellery making. This is the exact vision of her jewelry creation process. As Joan Sonnabend well said it, ‘’It wasn’t about diamonds, it was about aesthetics.’’ Following her father’s footsteps, Lidya Dilmener chose a path in the design area in her academic life. She graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano with the bachelors degree on Jewellery Design. After the university she came back to Istanbul- to her roots to create a niche jewelry brand. As the designer of the brand, she is highly inspired by architecture & nature.

First Generation

An experience of 45 years; begins in Mardin, roots in Istanbul.
Coming from making the jewelry in ateliers to the store management.


Murat Dilmener
& Yakup Dilmener

History of Dilmener Jewelry Design goes back to 1970s of Istanbul. The founders are Murat and Yakup Can Dilmener- father and uncle of Lidya.

They started jewelry making in small ateliers at a very early age of their lives around Grand Bazaar and are among the most trustworthy jewelry professionals in Istanbul -as the gold jewelry pieces they make are always accurate in the karat value. Back in those days when the machines were not being used in the jewelry industry as much as now, Dilmeners were known for the hollow chains and strong closures which they produce with their bare hands and give an intensive care to well-finish each peace. They opened their own atelier in 1976, made most sold products in the sector. 6 years later they had opened a wholesale Jewelry Store in Istanbul and have been exporting jewelry since then.

Thanks to their efforts, Lidya Dilmener Jewelry Design based on solid grounds and as second generation I have the chance to create my dream pieces more resourcefully.

The art of jewelry is not a luxury but necessity,
there is a story behind each of my designed pieces.
Nature and architecture truly inspires me.