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ÇIN (Resonance)

Throughout the human history, people always changed places. Sometimes it was a big pressure behind, sometimes it was just following a dream to be in a better place or relevant place. Psychologically people were affected and also attributed to their surroundings.
The architecture that we live in unknowingly embraces us and effects us. At the same time, we leave a trace to the environment that we are living in even if we like it or not. Just imagine an old city in an ancient architecture there weren’t skyscrapers but there were domes, atriums, so the sound rings out.  Like in the structures of Mimar Sinan the sound goes out equally to all directions. From that point on the distance and how close you are becoming irrelevant like today’s world in a different way. Today technology development makes the distance almost disappear, the miles between the continents get shortened and your environment is not restricted to the people who are close to you physically.
The conflict in Syria caused migration. Many people had to look new lives elsewhere. It happened but to what extent the press showed us the real story. That side is shadowy. I prefer to check international press and also attend Biennials and Triennials to give me hints about what is really going on at the backstage. The people who are working there come from different countries so they are not the people to stuck in their national borders. The art that they are showing us, in spite of everything, presents itself in a plain and a modest way. I am not talking about the simplicity of the work of art itself but the way they come to exist is plain and simple.

Jewelry is microarchitecture, comes to exist from material stuff and eventually establish a relationship with people. Talking about architecture, you are in the place and it surrounds you like a mother embraces the baby in her bosom. The other one you are holding it on yourself. Whenever you look at it you feel something from it. Jewelry is the best object to show what you look at and make you feel what you see and live with that feeling. That’s the reason I tried to transfer the spirit of ancient architectural cities in a new pattern, a new form and a new language in my jewelry. My interpretation includes arabesque. It is more geometrical and contains ornamentation.

All these make me think about the culture and art pieces that we lost and remind me destroyed architecture art museum in Syria. The cities lost something else, their residents. Nowadays ancient architecture is in danger but even if it stays its residents are not there anymore.  It is not just the Syrian architecture is lost for me it is totally lost for the cultural heritage.  I could not ignore this lost. l want to reconstruct past authenticity of Syria in a new way through my concept of jewelry. That’s the reason I chose my thesis subject as the ÇIN (resonance), the sound coming from my neighbor.

Lidya Dilmener

A story of The Main Piece & Edition Piece

I decided to bring metal from underground to the surface of the earth using silver. I tried to add the feeling of belonging somewhere in my pattern. Using a water-cut machine, I cut the silver using a kirigami technique. I used origami and kirigami which are reinterpretation for the ancient architecture to 3-dimensional jewelry. My main project contains two different aesthetics that one is more geometrical and the other is patterned.

In the edition piece, l used plexiglass laser cut and tried to give the feeling of belonging somewhere in QR code with my writings.
I tried to give the depth of meaning, time and surface in my patterns. Why did I choose the QR code? Simply because it is a new pattern that we see in a daily life. Why l put my writing part is because it is a true story. It comes from art; it comes from my auto writings. It is the short version of my thesis project one written part.

The Content of the QR Codes

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Originality: Is there something related to my topic? My concept is actually based on the true-life facts. Even though l didn’t live in their circumstances l was deeply affected. On the other hand, l am aware of that it’s a global topic, for example, the name of Oslo architecture Triennale 2016 is “After belonging, on the resident and in the resident”. 2017 Istanbul Biennal “A good neighbor” also placed emphasis on the immigration. As a result, l want to give an attention to that topic and the museums.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Motivation: Psychological way
‘’ Moving’’ and after move. When we talk about the moving action if the action is really what you want to do, you don’t see the hard part of the fact.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Aesthetic way: Greek αἰσθητικός (aisthetikos, meaning “esthetic, sensitive,) For me, an aesthetic is something familiar to me. I think that all the cities have a voice which affects their future. In each society that different voice makes the different system that enable them to open a door, to taste the art. (One society to another have a different voice have a different system). The differences are all related and originated from habitat. When we talk about habitat differences, we see a huge connection with people and architectural environment. The habitat affects us, even our dialogues. For instance, in the ancient domes roof, you can hear the resonance, echo of your voice which I found chaotic and mystic value in it

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Realization: project of realization Working with the right signal, the pattern that I use in my jewelry comes from middle east base. In middle easter pattern, oriental and arabesque value in it. I investigate the form and understand how is the middle eastern authenticity calls me. The second idea is a modeling with the paper to get the true interpretation to understand the how can l reflect the form in 3 dimensional way. The technic that l use is krigamy cutting paper. l use Krigamy technic in middle eastern pattern. Important of my interpretation is a direction of the one single cut changed the total look. My personal philosophy behind the thesis comes from the art itself.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Target :My concept pattern based on the view so most probably I will address the ones who like and follow new and old architectures, arts, politics, movies or music. ‘’New’’ connected with the past but also a reaction to the past. So time past, people change their rotation and travel but on the inside, some of the unconscious levels in their minds are hardly changing. Or it stays a psychological cap. That’s why l can create a smile on their face with my pattern.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) Code: The language l use is related to true life facts about Syrian citizen’s migration to another country. How did they feel on the road? Did the media show clearly? What did they think? What are they felling now? Do they belong to the country where they live now? How is the relationship of Syrian people with the local citizens? Was moving a real solution or they didn’t have any other choice? They were suffering. Is their suffering related to some countries benefit? l have never read the true fact in Turkish media cause actually they were writing according to their benefits. The only way that l capture the true language, true emotion with help of art. In the art museum especially “Mom Am I Barbarian” 2013 Istanbul Biennial gives to me a feeling that to understand what happening in the world in total. In the follow-up we see the immigration route pass the Aegean sea, 2015 Istanbul Biennial name is called “Salt Water”. The location is around Istanbul near to princess island, it also represents the immigration road. In the “A Good Neighbour” , Istanbul Biennial 2017 has also shown how the echo comes to our neighbour. I took the news of international media (‘’national geography websites’’). The philosophy behind my project is related to the international art exhibitions. The curators and coworkers do not belong to one country, they are also from other countries so they are bringing international subject and exhibit too.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) SOCIOLOGICAL CONTEXT: ART VERSUS MEDIA In the modern world, some people can not be ready to change and plus they want to control the media with a way of politics but the change is inevitable. According to Heraclitus doctrine of change (αλλαγή): “Ever-never waters flow on those who step into the same rivers twice.” For that reason, it is not the same river and it is not the same water. As time pass on people change. Somehow people can say what they want in social media and learn instantly what is going on in the world however those windows can be blocked by the government, too. Media doesn’t work for the benefit of the world, giving right and objectives news, they look for their own interests and benefits most of the time. Hans Ulrich Obrist writes an amazing article on ‘why we need artists in politics’ . ” Why We Need Artists in Politics
Hans Ulrich Obrist Sep 18, 2017 8:00 am] As we can see from the extract of the article, art is a strong tool for society to understand politics. For me, the only way to make a livable place in this world is including the art in general. As a result, art gives the audience true feeling, true facts and global point of view to be a humanist. Maybe it is an utopia but for me, art is the only way to destroy the “machine” that controls us.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) HISTORICAL CONTEXT: LANGUAGE OF ART The myths and legend of Babylon show us how the languages came into existence and how the new civilizations emerged. According to mythology, God gave a punishment to humans not to understand each other so languages came into existence. Thinking positively it also made it possible to express oneself in many ways. Each language is a door to open up a new horizon. Leo Tolstoy said that:”The activity of art is… as important as the activity of language itself, and as universal”. According to Leo Tolstoy when we talk about the architecture, the language of architecture is global. The language of the art is global. The signs are unique but the language is global. Maybe that’s the reason when some ancient historical buildings were demolished. For everybody, the citizen of that country or not, feels a great loss. In a way, it is a cultural loss not only for that country but for the world. The language of the architecture, the design and the art in that building is global. The important point here is we accept the thing as it is without prejudice in art. That’s the beauty in art.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance) ARTISTIC INSPIRATIONS:
ART HAS TRUE LANGUAGE The real feelings, the real ideas, and the real art. Everything, started with a question about how I accumulated all the ideas in my mind up until now. Experiences are essential units to form who I am today. The important factor is asking a useful question, if an artwork pops questions in your head then we cannot deny the aspect of the work. I did not understand why I was affected by their artwork so deeply but later I realized all their work draw attention to immigration. According to Kant critical judgment, the things not understandable bring fear and admiration at the same time.

Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance ) Conclusion All cultures have different backgrounds and speak in different languages but on the other hand, only art is speaking the same language. Economical issues always affect culture but l don’t approve this. If we care about the culture we would overlook the economic weakness of the country. Culture never showed in the line graph and we cannot say one is upper and one is lower culture. Culture needs to be a circle and all the cultures link together like an Olympiad symbol. In general, everybody wants to see the historical artifacts in the place that it belongs, but if it is not the same place and if there are no residents.

Qr for pass / port
Designer: Lidya Dilmener Project Name: ÇIN (resonance ) Irony: pass / port
Everybody wants to see the historical artifacts in the place that it belongs, but if it is not the same place and if there are no residents.